LEUNG, Kenneth

Managing Director
Hai Yue Power Investment Limited (China)

After graduated with a Bachelor degree in Australia in 2009, Kenneth has returned to his family office and began to manage his family business. Kenneth’s family was an early investor in China and they have been investing heavily in the power and energy industry over the past 20 years. They developed and operated a coal fired power plant in Guangdong, China over 15 years and it was then sold to a listed company in Hong Kong. During the time, they partnered with Chinese Academy of Sciences and universities in China and Japan, focused on the research and development with regard to renewable energy and waste management. The most recent investment is in Green Technology related to waste management in China. Being the Managing Director of the company group, Kenneth has actively involved in planning, coordinating and developing new business projects. He has established two new biofuel projects in Guangdong and Inner Mongolia for the company group. Moreover, He is actively seeking for innovative technology to enhance his new business development.