MYINT, Steven

Inex Private Ltd (Europe)

Steven Myint is a physician with global experience in health and biomedical management and commercialisation. After his own first university spinout in 1995, he has been involved in the development of over 30 SME’s in life sciences and created over US$1 billion value for shareholders. He is currently the Chairman of Inex Private Ltd which is developing innovative diagnostics and therapeutics for women’s health, a Senior Fellow in Singapore A*star, and an Adjunct Professor at Duke-NUS in the Center for Technology, Enterprise and Development. He is also a partner in the Palo Alto based venture fund, Pharma Capital and a non-executive director of Lipid Genomics, a diagnostic company spun out of Johns Hopkins. In Finland, he is chairman of Plexpress Oy and Inc, a diagnostic technology company and non-executive director of two biotech companies: Aplagon Oy and Primex Oy. Previously he was executive chairman of Green Signal Bio, one of India’s largest vaccine manufacturers.